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Jason Dawe
2011 Junior Chowder Cup highlight photos
2011 Junior Chowder Cup highlight photos
Firstar Canada West
 Martin Gelinas (Director of Player Developement Nashville Predators), Boston Bruins Favorite Glen Wesley (Pro scouting Carolina Hu [...]
2011 Pre-Draft Showcase Champions
 Proforce Hockey - Champions of  2011 Pre-Draft Showcase [...]
Hudson Valley Selects
John Walcott of the Hudson Valley Selects has announced that three players on Central Scouting Noel Acciar, Drew Brown, and Charles Orze [...]
NJ Renegades Coach
Cliff Graziano, GM of the N.J. Renegades, has annouced that Joe Cucci, a Regional Scout for the Edmonton Oilers, will join Co-Coach Ch [...]
Justin Orleans Pi Athlete Lions
  Justin Orleans, coach of the Pi Athlete Lions, has announced that two players on his Pre-Draft team are son's of former [...]
Haliburton Hockey Haven
 Coach James Richmond, Assistant Coach U20 Team Canada and Head Coach/GM of OJHL Aurora Tigers will coach in the Pre-Draft Showcase [...]
19 Canadian Teams to enter Junior Chowder Cup
 Nineteen Canadian Teams Enter Junior Chowder Cup: Nineteen Canadian Teams, combined in both the 1995 and 1996 Divisions of the Ju [...]