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Alpha with shutout over Townshend.

BRIDGWATER – Alpha Hockey Club kept their record at the 2022 Jr. Chowder Cup loss free when they took to the ice at the Bridgewater Ice Arena on Saturday afternoon. They shutout Townshend Hockey 5-0 in ’07 division play.

Little time was wasted in assuming the lead for Alpha as Toby Owens had them on the board in the opening minute of play. It was a 1-0 lead that grew to 3-0 by half’s end as Owen Murphy and Colin Dustin also contributed goals along the way.

The second half followed a similar pattern for Alpha, once again scoring in the opening minute. This time it was Garrett Kocon contributing the goal. The 4-0 lead was more than enough, but a shorthanded score from Murphy late in the second brought things to their 5-0 final.

JD Low posted his second win and first shutout of the tournament in the Alpha net.