New England Pro-Am Hockey League Partners With EventConnect by RoomRoster

There is a reason why for over 35 years, New England Pro-Am’s Pre-Draft Showcase & Chowder Cup Series tournaments continue to be the largest & most widely scouted in the United States.

Our model for success is simple, our tournaments are “Where the Experience Matters” for all.

If you have been to one of our tournaments it is no surprise we have always invested in cutting-edge technology to provide real-time games scores, standings, scoring, goalies & points leaders online or via our mobile app. As well as stream all our games online or via app.

In 2018, New England Pro-Am Hockey partnered with (2) brand new modern state-of-the-art facilities in an effort to continue to offer our teams, coaches, players, families, and scouts the best experience during our competitive & highest scouted tournaments in the U.S., and now we are excited to announce our new partnership.

In 2019, Pro-Am Hockey continues to improve the experience by partnering with EventConnect by RoomRoster, a leader in event management technology, connecting tournament directors, teams, hotels and cities. The integrated real-time hotel technology will allow Pro-Am Hockey to partner with top-rated hotels offering discounted rooms saving money and improving every families’ experience. The real-time communication platform also means better event management between the tournament, coaches, team managers, and players. We are excited to offer this new event management & hotel technology for our teams, coaches, players, families, and scouts.