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HockeyTech bringing analytical advancement to Jr. Chowder Cup.

WALPOLE – New England Pro-Am Hockey’s Chowder Cup tournaments have long served as a proving ground for young hockey players. At the 2017 incarnation of the Jr. Chowder Cup this past week, the same held true, but the tournament also stood as a different sort of proving ground.

HockeyTech, a longtime partner with New England Pro-Am Hockey, whose other clients include all 31 National Hockey League franchises, the American Hockey League, East Coast Hockey League, Canadian Hockey and more than 40 NCAA hockey programs, was working on-site at Rodman Arena to develop a pilot program that integrates their statistical scoring system with live video stream and RFID tracking to compile a data composite throughout select tournament games.

Cary Moretti, HockeyTech’s Chief Technology Officer, spoke with Pro-Am’s Chris Henes earlier in the week about his company’s goals for their test program:

For this week’s pilot program, HockeyTech also partnered with IsoLynx, whose software was responsible for tracking the player movement component of the newly developing system.

Ed Evansen, CEO of IsoLynx parent company Lynx System Developers, was once told by a business partner “The Holy Grail of sports measurement is knowing where every player is on the field every time.”

His company’s focus has been developing a system and software to collect as much data about not just the player’s movement throughout the course of a game, but the individual players themselves. Evansen spoke with Chris Henes about the ever-expanding world of analytics in sports, data collection and the evolution of statistical analysis: