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Four NEPAHL alums, 24 total, selected in first round of 2018 NHL Draft.

The 2018 NHL Entry Draft was held June 22-23 at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, TX. Over the course of those two days, the following 24 NEPAHL alums were selected:


Brady Tkachuk (no. 4; Ottawa Senators)

Boston Knights, 2017 Senior Chowder Cup

Evan Bochard (no. 10; Edmonton Oilers)

Players First, 2016 Junior Chowder Cup

Oliver Wahlstrom (no. 11; New York Islanders)

Boston Jr. Whalers, 2014 Mini Chowder Cup

Jay O’Brien (no. 19; Philadelphia Flyers)

East Coast Militia, 2017 Chowder Cup


Bode Wilde (no. 41; New York Islanders)

Crusaders Elite, 2014 Mini Chowder Cup

Akil Thomas (no. 51; Los Angeles Kings)

Boston Jr. Whalers, 2014 Mini Chowder Cup

Sean Durzi (no. 52; Toronto Maple Leafs)

Team GTA Cardinals, 2012 Mini Chowder Cup



Tyler Madden (no. 68; Vancouver Canucks)

Top Shelf, 2016 Senior Chowder Cup

Jordan Harris (no. 71; Montreal Canadiens)

Team Pop Tops, 2017 Senior Chowder Cup

Nathan Smith (no. 91; Winnipeg Jets)

Pyramid Hockey, 2018 Pre-Draft Showcase



Jonathan Gruden (no. 95; Ottawa Senators)

Nordiques, 2014 Mini Chowder Cup

Luke Henman (no. 96; Carolina Hurricanes)

All-American Prospects, 2015 Jr. Chowder Cup

Jasper Weatherby (no. 102; San Jose Sharks)

East Coast Militia, 2017 Chowder Cup

Tyler Weiss (no. 109; Colorado Avalanche)

Boston Jr. Whalers, 2014 Mini Chowder Cup

Mac Hollowell (no. 118; Toronto Maple Leafs)

New England Leafs, 2017 Pre-Draft Showcase

Mitchell Gibson (no. 124; Washington Capitals)

Northeast Ducks, 2014 Jr. Chowder Cup



Riley Damiani (no. 137; Dallas Stars)

Boston Jr. Whalers, 2014 Mini Chowder Cup

Michael Callahan (no. 142; Arizona Coyotes)

East Coast Kings, 2016 Senior Chowder Cup



Alexis Gravel (no. 162; Chicago Blackhawks)

Canada West Elite, 2016 Pre-Draft Showcase

Michael Kesselring (no. 164; Edmonton Oilers)

NH Knights, 2016 Junior Chowder Cup

John Leonard (no. 182; San Jose Sharks)

Boston Knights, 2015 Senior Chowder Cup

Jakov Novak (no. 188; Ottawa Senators)

Janesville Jets, 2017 Senior Chowder Cup

Josiah Slavin (no. 193; Chicago Blackhawks)

Boston Jr. Rangers, 2017 Pre-Draft Showcase

Riley Hughes (no. 216; New York Rangers)

Boston Jr. Eagles, 2014 Mini Chowder Cup