COVID19 Update

On May 18th, the Governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker, outlined the reopening of Massachusetts. Although we show a lot of people getting tested for the virus, only a few actually went into the hospitals. And that is why he is starting the reopening. Residents of Massachusetts will still follow the Masks and Social Distancing as outlined. The Governor has announced 4 Phases in regards to reopening.

Phase 1 – Officially begins on May 25th for Retail Businesses, etc.

Phase 2 – Recreation, gyms, and recreation camps. Hockey would start to take place at our rinks in small groups.
This would begin on June 8th

Phase 3 –  Youth Groups and Sports Tournaments allowed.
This would begin on June 29th

So it looks like we should be all set for the three Chowder Cup Tournaments in July with the Mini-Chowder Cup being the first one held on July 17th.

All of the US teams would be all set. Trump and Trudeau have not gotten together yet to open the border between Canada and the United States. Hopefully the border will get opened in time for the Canadian Teams to play in the Chowder Cup Tournaments. We will hold spots for those teams right up to the last minute if the border gets opened.

We will keep you updated as the rinks get Directives from the State.

Chowder Cup Staff