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98 Div Jr Chowder Cup MVP
 1998 Division Junior Chowder Cup MVPShaun Bily - Hockey Essentials [...]
Sternschein and Negron
 98 Division Junior Chowder CupHockey Essentials Best Forward - Sam SternscheinHockey Essentials Best Goalie - Peter Negron [...]
98 JCC Best Defense
 98 Division Junior Chowder CupHockey Essentials - Best Defense Brendan LessNE Nordiques - Best Defense Eric Jeremiah [...]
98 JCC Best Forwards
 NE Nordiques Best Forwards - 98 Division Junior Chowder Cup Patrick Harper (left) and AJ Drobot (right) [...]
98 Div Champs
 1998 Division Junior Chowder Cup Champions - Hockey Essentials!!!!! [...]
Mike Neville
 Jr.A Elite MVP Mike NevilleCanadian Future Pros [...]
Championship Team Coaches
 Mid-Fairfield Blues Championship Coaches and Canadian Future Pros Championship Coaches [...]
Pozgay and Bishop
 All Tournament DefenseCanadian Future Pros- Lukas Pozgay (left)CC Crusaders-Zach Bishop (right) [...]
Whittaker and Argiropoulos
Canadian Future Pros Matt Whittaker (Forward) and George Argiropoulos (Goalie) [...]
Delaurentis and Nicoll
 CC Crusaders Erik Delaurentis and Cam Nicoll - All Tournament Forwards [...]