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2019 Midget Fall Classic; Sunday games – 4:30p.

FOXBORO –The final day of round robin play at the 2019 Midget Fall Classic was played throughout Sunday at the Foxboro Sports Center. The following is a look at the reported 4:30 p.m. games.

Rink 1 – Wonderland Wizards U18 6 vs. Boston Jr. Huskies Red (Chamberlain) 1:

The Wonderland Wizards closed their round robin slate at the 2019 Midget Fall Classic with a win as they defeated the Boston Jr. Huskies 6-1 early on Sunday evening at the Foxboro Sports Center.

A close, 2-1 game through the first half fell apart for the Huskies in the second half. The Wizards stepped up to score four in their final scheduled period of the tournament. Tommy Quinn (two times), Edward Gravanis and Daniel McKiernan coming through with the goals to solidify the 5-1 victory.

Both Alex Tsymbalyuk and Andrew Stietzel split the victorious goaltending duties in the Wonderland net.

Rink 2 – Rice Memorial Prep 8 vs. Lovell Knights U18 0:

Rice Memorial Prep closed their opening round of play at the 2019 Midget Fall Classic a perfect 3-0-0 early on Sunday evening following an 8-0 shutout of the Lovell Knights.

A strong start by Rice deterred Lovell, hanging five for a 5-0 lead at the break. Laurent Freeman, Veeti Hietala, Dante Pellegrino, Emile Pichette and Emile Pichette again accounting for the Rice’s first half goals.

That offense was more than enough, but there were three more goals to be had in the second half, while Nick Golis continued to keep the Knights off the scoreboard from the Rice net. Mason Marcellus (4A), Pichette (2G, 1A), Julien Blouin (1G, 2A) and Pellegrino (1G, 1A) going home as the game’s multi-point scorers.

Rink 3 – Middlesex Icemen U18 6 vs. Providence Hockey Club U18 4:

A strong second half brought their opening round of play at the Midget Fall Classic with a win as the Middlesex Icemen defeated Providence Hockey Club 6-4 on Sunday at the Foxboro Sports Center.

It was a 2-2 game at the break, making it a 25-minute game when the teams returned to the ice for the game’s second half. Providence doubled their score during that time, but Middlesex tripled theirs, bringing things to their 4-4 final.

A stellar four goals from Sean Barbera led the Icemen offense, a performance backed by a pair of goals from Tommy Sumner. Damien Medeiros (1G, 1A) and Chase Riley (2A) paced the Providence offense.